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Banking Assistance

Banking Assistance

Banking, Financial & Insurance sectors are growing rapidly in UAE. Digital banking, Automation & Mobile technologies will continue to drive growth. Hikmah Consultancy offers assistance to complete banking solutions, pertaining to almost all the facilities available with all the renowned banks:-Whether you are in the process of establishing the firm or already running your business. Whether you are Manufacturing, Trading- wholesale or retail.. SME or even if you are a Corporate house. We at Hikmah aim to provide the best services to our clients with the best negotiable banks. This includes Loan syndication & also offering
various advisory roles for the completion of this process. 

BANK ACCOUNT OPENING IN U.A.E. Our Team works  closely with banking professionals in order to make sure that the bank accounts are opened with minimum hassles, documentation and in the shortest span of time. We provide assistance in opening of bank account in leading UAE banks. We also make sure that the Client gets multi-currency account, good relationship managers along with Online banking support.

INVESTORS  presence required in UAE for account opening. As per the legal protocol of the financial institutions of the United Arab Emirates, it is mandatory for the authorized signatory to be physically present in UAE for bank account opening. Else, the process will be considered illegal and the bank will not permit opening a bank account. The reason for physical presence is that original signature of the documents and personal identity confirmation is an obligatory requirement which allows the applicant to open a corporate bank account in UAE.  

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